Marilena Gabriel

Marilena Gabriel is a Sydney based Fashion Designer , Pattern maker and Dress Maker working out of Sydney’s evolving Inner West.

Initially trained as a Textile Designer, her skill over the mediums of delicate hand painted silk, laser cut vinyl , Neoprene and heavily beaded French lace, give her the edge when it comes to creating a garment for any and all occasions.

Her work over the past years has been focused on amalgamating the refined class of bygone times, with the crisp trends of colour and texture sweeping the closets of many living in the 21st Century.

Understanding the customer is her primary concern before attempting to design. Her perception of each person’s body and culture establishes an intimacy that has been lost with the progression of Fast Fashion.

Her mantra is “Size is not a measure of beauty.” To her, beauty is the new possibilities her garments allow her customers to achieve.

In the latest collection, Marilena showcases her skill as a designer by introducing contemporary pieces that will be favourites in your wardrobe for years to come.

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27-31 Milton St North
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